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The Tuke Centre: Assessments at the Tuke Centre

telephone – 01904 430370
fax – 01904 424850

Why assess?

Psychological assessments aim to gather information to enable the person being assessed to work out, with the help of the skilled therapist assessor, which therapy would be best suited to them and their circumstances. Sometimes, the assessment aims to gather information so that a diagnosis can be made.

What will happen during the assessment appointment?

  1. The assessment will take up to 90 minutes
  2. At the assessment appointment the therapist will ask about aspects of your earlier and present life.
  3. The therapist will also explore with you the things that prompted you to make contact and whether you are in contact with any other professionals – we always want to ensure we work jointly with relevant professionals where appropriate.
  4. The therapist will ask you about what you expect from therapy and explain more about the therapies we offer and how much they cost.
  5. Your therapist will also talk about confidentiality, the arrangements for payment, sources of funding and what to do if you need to cancel an appointment
  6. Follow this link to find out about our cancellation policy.

Please note that an assessment will not always lead to immediate ongoing therapy. There are a number of possible outcomes and agreed next steps from an assessment:-

  • Ongoing therapy
  • An additional assessment (possibly with a psychiatrist)
  • A GP referral before an additional assessment
  • A waiting period before therapy
  • No therapy at this time (the reasons will be discussed).

We will always keep your best interests at the centre of any agreed decisions. We take a thorough, ethical approach to assessment and will not recommend something that we feel is not a good fit for you or your circumstances.

Our fees

For further information about our fees please feel free to contact us.


You can download our funding leaflet or complaints procedure from this page.