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The Tuke Centre: Referral information for GPs

telephone – 01904 430370
fax – 01904 424850

Some of our services require GP referrals, other services can be accessed through GP referrals or recommendations, but do not depend on information from GPs. We have provided a GP referral form, which can be downloaded using the link to the right of this page. This can be used for any referral, though we may require further details to access the Eating Disorder and Psychiatry Services.

Eating Disorder service

For a patient to access our Eating Disorder services we must have a GP referral and we will ask for the results of relevant blood tests plus details of the person’s BMI. For details¬†about the patient information we require please contact Sue Edwards, the Eating Disorder Service Administrator on 01904 430 370 or email us.


For a patient to access our Psychiatry services we require a detailed GP referral, with an outline medical history and information about the medications the person is taking. Please see our Psychiatry Service page for further details.


We have a funding leaflet with advice and some tips for GPs on supporting their patients to secure funding for therapy at the Tuke Centre. The leaflet can be downloaded from the box to the right of this page.

More details

The funding leaflet is intended to provide brief information for GPs who want to know more about the different ways that their patients might access funding for therapy at the Tuke Centre.

The referral form enables you to provide us with the information we require to work with you to support your patient.


Funding leaflet for GPs

GP referral form