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The Tuke Centre: Information for individuals

telephone – 01904 430370
fax – 01904 424850

How can I get an appointment?

  1. Most of the time we do not ask for a referral from a GP or other professional.
  2. You can simply refer yourself by email, phone or using our contact form.
  3. If you would prefer to provide written information rather than speaking to someone then you can complete our referral form, which can be downloaded from the link to the right of this page. Once you have completed it simply email it to us, making sure we know how to contact you.

How will I know if therapy is right for me?

  1. When you contact us, we will offer you an initial in-depth assessment
  2. The assessment appointment will be up to 90 minutes
  3. The aim is to help you decide which of our wide range of therapies might be helpful in your situation – or you may decide that therapy is not for you.

What happens next?

  1. At the end of the assessment you and your therapist will have a clearer idea of the type and length of treatment that is likely to be appropriate for you
  2. If it is clear at this point which therapy would suit you, the therapist who assesses you will take your details to a clinical team meeting.
  3. At the clinical team meeting the Clinical Lead for the service you will be accessing will decide which of the therapists in the team would be best placed to meet your requirements. We refer to this as ‘allocation’
  4. Once that has been decided and provided there is no waiting list for that service or for that therapist you will be sent an email or a letter with an initial therapy appointment and any relevant forms or additional information. To help us do this, please let us know your availability at your assessment appointment.
  5. Once the first appointment is booked you will begin your therapy
  6. If it is not clear which therapy would suit you then we will either offer you an additional 60 minute assessment appointment or we will consider your requirements in a clinical team meeting and get back to you with some suggestions.  You can decide if you accept the suggestions or not and you will then go back to number 4 in this list.
  7. If there is a waiting list for the therapist or service you require we will let you know as soon as possible and will keep you updated as time goes on.
  8. Even if you have agreed to enter into a particular kind of therapy we will review its appropriateness with you during the early stages of your therapy. If it seems not to be helping you in the way you hoped then we have a wide range of other therapies that may be better suited to the changes you want to make.

What if I need a psychiatrist?

  1. If you need a psychiatrist to assess your or review your medications or provide in-depth support then we will refer you to our psychiatric team
  2. We require a letter of referral from your GP.

How much will it cost?

  1. As we provide a wide range of therapies we do not have one fixed price. Further details about fees and funding can be found by following this link.
  2. At your first contact with us or during your initial assessment we will discuss our fees with you.
  3. Arrangements for payment, what happens if sessions are cancelled, as well as the duration of therapy that you may require will also be discussed at your assessment. Follow this link for our cancellation policy

More details

The CORE form is available to download. It is used as a baseline before therapy begins and it may be used during therapy to evaluate progress. At the end of therapy you will be invited to complete the form again so that you, alongside your therapist, can evaluate how effective the therapy has been for you. If you want to know more about CORE then follow this link.

The self-referral form enables you to provide us with information about you that can be used to help decision making about your therapy.

The Funding leaflet gives you information that might help you to find sources of funding for your therapy

Useful links


CORE form

Self-referral form

Funding leaflet