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The Tuke Centre: More complex or multiple problems

telephone – 01904 430370
fax – 01904 424850

You might have problems that are more complex, or extensive than those covered by the categories in this section. This doesn’t mean we can’t help you. We tailor our services to try to meet your requirements, regardless of the apparent complexity of your problems. If you want to know more about what we can offer you then have a look at the section of our website headed Services.

If you have a diagnosis of a complex mental health problem, or if you have multiple problems, we can help. All you need to do is pick up the phone, send us an email, use our contact form and we will do our best to offer you what you require.

Have a look at our About us section – this gives you more information about how you can access our services, points you towards help working out fees and funding and highlights how to get more information about Tuke Centre procedures.

We can help you.

More details

These are links to some resources that might help you to make up your mind about the kind of therapy that would best suit you. They are not intended to be a 'reading list' but you might find some of them helpful before, during or after coming to the Tuke Centre, or anywhere else, for therapy.

Useful links