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Depression, who can help?

telephone – 01904 430370
fax – 01904 424850

What is depression?

We all feel down, fed up or unhappy at times. Depression is more than that. If you’re depressed you might feel sad for weeks or months and very often you won’t know why. There is a useful short film produced by the World Health Organisation that depicts depression as a ‘black dog’. It’s called ‘I had a black dog, his name was depression’.

Depression is sometimes trivialised by people who don’t understand that it is an illness. Some can’t understand that people can no more ‘snap out of’ depression than they could ‘snap out of’ a broken leg or pneumonia. Depression is not a sign of weakness but it is something that you can reduce or eradicate, with the right help and support.

Some symptoms

If you are feeling sad and hopeless, if you are unusually tearful, if you just can’t summon up the interest in things that you used to have then you might have depression. If you are unusually lethargic, or anxious, or can’t sleep (or sleep more than usual), or can’t eat (or eat more than usual) then you might have depression. If you want to know more about the symptoms of depression then use one of the links to the right of this page. There’s a short test you can take to see if you might be depressed:

Who can help?

Depression can vary in severity, but at its worst it can be a frightening, exhausting, incapacitating illness that often people can’t bring themselves to talk about. Many people have no idea where or who to turn to and that’s when the Tuke Centre can help.

We offer a range of approaches to help you to reduce or eradicate depression. Our Therapies section takes you through all of the different therapies we can offer that might work for you. To help you decide which approach would suit you best we offer an in-depth assessment. The section Information for Individuals on this website explains the process.

There are other sources of help you could access and a range of links to local and national organisations are provided to the right of this page, including some links to self-help resources. In addition, if you think you have depression then you might consider approaching your GP in the first instance.If your GP feels that you would benefit from a psychiatry assessment then they can send a referral letter to us and we can book you an appointment with one of our psychiatrists, Dr Thomas Elanjithara or Dr Gill Smith.

More details

The links provided on this page are intended to point you towards other websites and organisations who might be able to help you deal with depression. They offer a mixture of information, advice, self-help resources and sometimes contact details so that you can find someone to talk to. They are not exhaustive - there are many, many resources and organisations focused on depression on the internet that you could use. These are just some of them...


Useful links