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The Tuke Centre: Relationships and families

telephone – 01904 430370
fax – 01904 424850

Problems with relationships and/or families?

We can help if you are having problems in any of your relationships with other people, from feeling lonely because you have few or no friends to desperation because your relationship with family members or a partner has deteriorated or there has been a break up.

At present, we do not offer specific couples and family therapy, but we can support you as an individual to cope with the relationships around you, through group therapy or individual therapy. Have a look at our Therapies section or Group therapy section to explore the different approaches we can offer you.

This short film from the NHS focuses on one element of coping with relationships – jealousy. NHS Choices has a range of short films, information and useful links about various aspects of relationships and families. Click here to link to NHS Choices.