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The Tuke Centre: 2. Eating disorders

telephone – 01904 430370
fax – 01904 424850

What is an Eating Disorder?

The main features of eating disorders are:

  • Unusual eating behaviours such as starving, over-eating, binge-eating, or selective eating.
  • Other unusual behaviours such as inducing vomiting, abuse of laxatives or diuretics, or excessive exercising.
  • Extreme concerns about weight or shape which affects the way somebody eats.

What we offer

We offer an assessment service, to help you understand the nature of your eating problems and any underlying issues. This can help us to recommend a comprehensive treatment package in collaboration with your GP, or other professionals who may be involved. Our service uses the NICE guidelines, which you can download by following this link.

We understand the importance of a holistic approach for the treatment of eating disorders and find that the best outcomes are achieved by combining individual therapy with nutritional therapy. If required, psychiatric input is also available. Because we are part of the Tuke Centre you will have the opportunity to access the full range of therapy services.

Who might benefit from our services

We offer services to anybody who wishes to address any form of disordered eating, be they male or female aged 18 or over. We have a male therapist in the service, who has worked with a range of males with eating disorders. We can also work with dual or multiple diagnoses – for example, one of the psychologists in the service also lead the Autism service and works with people with both of these diagnoses.

We can help you if you have a low, high or very high BMI – the link will take you to the NHS BMI calculator. Eating problems may include:

  • Anorexia Nervosa
  • Bulimia Nervosa
  • Binge Eating Disorder
  • Obesity and Food Phobias
  • Eating Disorder Not Other Specified (EDNOS).

How to access the service

A written referral is required from your GP or other healthcare professional. You will need to visit your GP and ask him/her to contact us for details about the information we will require in order to accept a referral.

The Team

Dr Sharon Croskin – Eating Disorder Service Clinical Lead & Psychologist

Dr Andrea Brown – Consultant Psychiatrist

Dan Round – CBT Therapist

Chris Atha – CBT Therapist

Helen Williams – Specialist Dietitian

Sue Edwards – Eating Disorder Team Administrator & Medical Secretary

More details

There are two kinds of resources to download on this page. The first - Leaflet for Eating Disorders - is for everyone. It provides you with information about the Eating Disorder Service and how to access it. The remaining resources to download on this page are for GPs only. If you are thinking of referring yourself to the Eating Disorder service you could download and print these resources and take them to your GP, or let them know where they can access them.


Leaflet - Eating Disorders

Medical Monitoring for Eating Disorders

Physical Monitoring Tool

SUSS test