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The Tuke Centre: Training

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New for 2016

We are offering a series of CPD workshops, that began with a very well-received workshop on Saturday March 19th. This was delivered by Dr Damian McCann, Head of Clinical Services at The Tavistock Centre for Couples’ Relationships and it focused on working with lesbian, gay & transgender clients’. Comments about the workshop include:-

  • “Thought-provoking. A wealth of ideas and references”
  • “Engaging and challenging”
  • “Thoroughly enjoyable course, well facilitated”
  • “First time at the Tuke Centre. Pleasantly surprised and look forward to returning”
  • “Broadened my thinking – uncovered blind spots & unconscious areas”
  • “Excellent – high quality – excellent content – worth every penny!”

Our second workshop was on 4th June and it was delivered by Dr Angela Cooper, who is Assistant Professor at Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada. She is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist. Until recently, Dr Cooper worked in the NHS and her current area of research is focused on medically unexplained symptoms & the use of short-term dynamic psychotherapy. Her workshop was on Medically Unexplained Symptoms.Comments about this workshop include:-

  • “More please! The content was so full on I felt it needed more time. Super quality”
  • “Great training. I’d love to learn more”
  • “There was so much to hear and learn, it would have stretched to a 2-day workshop. It’s been incredibly interesting, useful and helpful”
  • “High quality”
  • “A highly interesting topic for all health care workers. I would love to see my own profession take this information forward in practice and acknowledge its relevance”
  • “Could happily have attended two days to expand on some areas”
  • “Really appreciate the time, organisation and effort that must have gone into planning the day”
  • “More content around the physical problems and discussing assessment around those”
  • “Incredibly fascinating and so relevant to my work. I just wish there was more time!”
  • “Excellent content, wish the workshop could have been longer to do all the material prepared justice although all that was covered was comprehensive, interesting and illuminating”

Our third workshop is on Compassion Focused Therapy in Practice, delivered by Dr Mary Welford on 8th October 2016. Click on the box to the right of the page for more information about this workshop or download the poster below.

Further workshops will be offered later in 2016 and we will be offering a full programme in 2017.


CFT in Practice Poster