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The Tuke Centre: Helen Williams

telephone – 01904 430370
fax – 01904 424850

Staff overview

About Helen Williams

I am a Registered Dietitian specialising in the Mental Health and Eating Disorders. As well as working as part of the Eating Disorder team in the Tuke Centre, I also work at The Retreat with adults with a range of diagnoses who are also experiencing eating difficulties.

My aim is to work alongside clients to identify the difficulties they experience in their relationship with food and how they would like this to be different. I use a collaborative approach, bringing nutritional knowledge and experience, to support the client to identify and make changes to eating patterns and habits, redefining their relationship with food over time.

A Dietitian must be registered with the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC), who ensure that the individual meets national standards for training, professional skills and behaviour. The NHS will only use Dietitians registered with the HCPC. You can find out more and check your Dietitian at http://www.hpc-uk.org .