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The Tuke Centre: Dr Sara Perren

telephone – 01904 430370
fax – 01904 424850

Staff overview

About Dr Sara Perren

I am clinical lead for the Supervision Service at the Tuke Centre. My first training was in psychodynamic therapy and I am a member of the individual therapy service here. In my work as a Group Analyst, I am continually struck by how in groups people assist each other in making change in their lives – challenging, supporting and sharing wisdom, affection and the belief that things can be better.

I have a Diploma in Supervision and offer individual and group supervision and consultancy to our associate therapists, bank therapists and external practitioners.

I am proud of the services I lead at the Tuke Centre. We are not restricted to offering one model of therapy here, but can offer thoughtful and effective therapeutic interventions to our clients in the ways that suit them – whether that is individually or in a group.